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Doli Armaano Ki – Episode 453 – August 18, 2015 – Full Episode

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Chiku reaches home and finds his house door to be locked. He opens the door using his key and starts calling out for Nupu. Chiku does not find Nupur but he later finds her coming home with a man and receiving money from him. Chiku gets suspicious about Nupur and her activities. On the other hand, Diya asks Shaurya as to who would fight her case now. Urmi then tells that she would fight Diya’s case as soon as she gets the permit from the Indian government. Stay tuned to know more.
For every young woman, her wedding is, undoubtedly, the most eagerly awaited day of her life. She has a million little hopes and dreams about her marriage … a vision of what her husband should be like, her own thoughts on the kind of life she wants to live once moves into her sasuraal … However, the picture-perfect life she envisions for herself and what destiny has in store for her isn’t always the same! Set in Jhansi, ‘Doli Armaanon Ki’ is the story of one such starry-eyed, small-town bride Urmi who embarks on the quest for marital bliss, her eyes brimming with hope. Will Urmi find her knight in shining armor who will whisk her away into a fairytale wedding only to live happily ever after or will she end up disillusioned and disappointed?