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Tujhse Hai Raabta

  • Family Drama
  • 192
  • 30
  • Hindi

Kalyani’s world was filled with the joys of a teenager and love of her parents, Atul and Madhuri. But her mother’s unexplained death breaks her world apart. With her father convicted for Madhuri’s death, the only person Atul could trust for the care of his only daughter was Anupriya.
Anupriya Deshmukh is reluctant to sign as Kalyani’s guardian but on repeated pleas from Atul, she takes up this responsibility. Kalyani despises Anupriya’s mystery relationship with her father and forces herself in Deshmukh family to defame Anupriya in front of her family.
What starts as a journey of revenge turns into regret when Kalyani discovers that Anupriya was Atul’s first legal wife whom Atul abandoned to marry Madhuri, Kalyani’s mother.
Kalyani soon realizes the sacrifices Anupriya has made, the discriminations she has faced her whole life for being the “left woman” in an orthodox society. Now Kalyani is on the journey to restore Anupriya’s confidence, pride and her place in the society by enrolling her in college for further studies and getting her re-married..
The son-in-law of Deshmukh household is the confident inspector Malhar Rane.
Initially he is supportive of Kalyani’s initiatives to support Anupriya, but when Kalyani is blamed for helping his wife Sampada elope with her lover Atharva, he is unable to forgive her and marries Kalyani out of revenge to make her life a miserable
Will an 18yr old Kalyani be able to help Anupriya make her place in society? Will Kalyani and Malhar be able to untie the tangles of their vengeful marriage? Will Kalyani find love after marriage?

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