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Naaginn Vaadon ki Agnipariksha

  • Costume Drama
  • 213
  • 30
  • Hindi

In today’s ruthless world of killings and revenges, here is a story of an wishful snake taking revenge on humans. The story revolves around an ichadhari nagin (wishful snake) who decides to transform into a human form to take revenge of her parents’ death, who were the king and queen of Naag (snake) community. The Naag (male snake) & Naagin (female Snake) were killed by this set of humans for the precious Naagmani (jewel). While dying the queen nagin instructs her daughter to take revenge from these men and get back the naagmani in their community, so that she can give back life to the Naag & Naagin. Hence starts the struggle of this ichadhari nagin, how she gets transformed into human, lives life like a normal girl, marries in the same family who destroyed her happy family and exploited the naag mani and how her duty as wife comes in between her revenge….

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Naagin Vaadon Ki Agnipariksha – Ep1