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Mazhe Pati Saubhagyavati

  • Family Drama
  • 258
  • 30
  • Marathi

Work hard and reap the rewards, destiny shall knock at your doorstep! What if destiny knocks with a pack full of surprises! This is the story of Vaibhav, who along with his wife Lakshmi, came to Mumbai 14 years ago to become a successful actor. After a series of rejections, Vaibhav has reached a stage where his belief in himself has slowly begun to crumble. He has one last chance to give himself and Laxshmi a better life. A role, if he performs well, will not only start his career but also change his perspective of looking at life. Call this his fortune or add it to list of despairs, the role is such that he cannot disclose it to anyone. Will Vaibhav be successful as he embarks on this new found journey in his life?

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