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Love Thy Neighbour

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When Jacques moves to New York from Paris because of his sophisticated wife, Désirée’s new high flying fashion magazine job as one of its top editors, much to the disapproval of his doting mother, he readily agrees. Thinking that it would be a good opportunity for him to broaden his employment horizons as a chef, with the wide array of eclectic tastes in food being present there, he was not prepared for the small, grungy and very expensive apartment in a place like Queens, besides the language, the place, the fast food and the pace, which was all very derogatory to his sensibilities. He also did not expect his neighbor to be this down-to-earth, voluptuous, vivacious, uninhibited cute blonde in dirty overalls and tousled hair, with no airs of indignance, sweeping him off his stiff French feet. Jacques could smell fresh flowers and love in the air. The only hitch was that this All American cowgirl with her bra as her lasso and a whiplash smile, who lived right next door to him, was also married!

Randy was a lingerie salesman, desperately trying to prove his profession as an upmarket designation of the glory provider to the potential Victoria’s Secret of tomorrow. His mundane life changes dramatically, when he suddenly experiences the paradigm of his fantasy come alive, when he is kayoed by this exotic, hot as hell, sophisticated French exotica with jet black Cleopatra hair, arched eyebrows, velvet eyes and a condescending snarl on her cupid lips! She was his new neighbor and he had never been so smitten. The only trouble was the language barrier…and of course, the fact that she was married!

A hilarious caper of two unlikely couples, who live next door to each other, from different ethnic backgrounds, whose husbands fancy each other’s wives and their outrageous shenanigans to woo them.

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