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The Life Of Earth From Space

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Delve into Earth’s 4.5 billion years’ journey. The Life of Earth from Space is a feature-length documentary filmed in 4K using Gyrostabilized drones and 3D Digital Mapping technique to capture the best cinematic view. This world collaboration between Talesmith, ZEEL and the Smithsonian Channel brings the past to life through the combination of incredible footage and cutting-edge CGI, ranging from thermal imaging of the first humans crossing the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia, to views from the International Space Station, which have been transformed to show Earth as it would have been seen thousands of years ago during the Ice Age.  Harnessing Talesmith’s expertise in producing visually stunning and captivating storytelling, this ambitious film merges the latest scientific discoveries with human relevance, 4k cinematography, and world-class CGI. Three main themes are explored: the origins and evolution of Earth; the life it harbors; and the ‘Anthropocene’ (the modern age).

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