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Lala’s Ladiez

Lala’s Ladiez is the story of an Indo-British interracial family based out of Southhall in London. A unique and hilarious story of a family of 7 extremely funny characters who stick with each other despite disagreements, insanity and chaos. Suresh Lala, married twice often finds himself in trouble because of his 5 daughters. His ex – wife refuses to leave his home even after her death and haunts and communicates with Suresh with her sarcasm from an old portrait in which she is framed. Each episode shows the girls tackling their lives and issues in their own unique way.
A must buy and watch for audiences to sit back, relax and just have fun.

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Lalas Ladiez – Screener 1


Lalas Ladiez – Screener 2


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Lala’s Ladiez-The Ex Boy Friend

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