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Home Minister

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The format is simple yet exciting! Our camera will go to houses across cities in Maharashtra. It will definitely add that extra joy and zing to our ‘Home Ministers’s existing lives. The following segments would form the base of the show. Two families would be covered per episode. In the first segment we would be interacting with the first family. The Home Minister will talk about her life, family and children. She would also talk about her dreams, her career & ambitions in life. After this our anchor would then introduce the viewers to her husband and children. Now, when the whole family is under the ‘Home Ministers’ wing, our anchor would play one-minute games; ask interesting questions related to her family etc. The exciting part of this round is that our ‘Home Minister’ will win attractive, on the spot cash prizes for every correct answer. The second segment will be conducted on similar lines with our second ‘Home Minister’ and her family. Following this would be our last and the most interesting segment. This would be our core action round. Our two ‘Home Ministers’ and their families would compete with each other. Exciting and pulse racing games would be conducted in between our two ‘Home Ministers’ and their family. The cherry on the cake would be the prizes given to our triumphant ‘Home Ministers’. A prize that every woman possesses with pride.

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