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Guddan - Tumsse Na Ho Payega

  • Family Drama
  • 193
  • 30
  • Hindi

Is being young a sign of immaturity? Well the story of Guddan is about to change your point of view.

She lost her mother when she was 6 yrs old in an accident and her step mother has blamed Guddan her entire life for the accident.
But Guddan is a quick to learn and happy go lucky girl. She believes she can do anything she puts her mind to, but ends up goofing it up.
Guddan has bumbled and fumbled through most of her life and being told by her own family that she can barely get one thing right, finds herself becoming India’s youngest mother in law to three older daughters-in-law by a quirk of circumstances.
Akshat is a perfectionist and a successful businessman, whose wife has passed away years back, and thus he lives a dull life with absolutely no place for love. Being a father of three sons, Akshat has three daughters-in-laws who are directionless as they don’t have the guiding force of a mother-in-law. To add to that, Akshat’s perfectionist nature makes everyday life very difficult for them. They believe getting Akshat remarried will solve their problem. And eventually, Guddan and Akshat get married.

Initially Guddan resents Akshat as he’s way older than her and calls him “Uncle”
But gradually she develops respect for his way of life, the way he treats people and most of all how much he loves his family.
Guddan learns from Akshat what she couldn’t in her house – responsibility, accountability and most of all care for those we love
Akshat’s trust in Guddan that she has the ability to get things done, gives her the confidence she has lacked.
A new journey begins for Guddan where she puts herself in the shoes of a “Mother-in-law” , will Guddan be able to fulfill those responsibilities against all the odds.

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