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Ek Vivah Aaisa Bhi

  • Family Drama
  • 164
  • 30
  • Hindi

Set against the backdrop of Indore, Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi follows the story of a young 24-year old Suman Parmar who lives with her mother-in-law, two younger sisters-in-law and a 4-year-old son. Upon her mother-in-law’s insistence and in a bid to support the family after her husband’s death, Suman pursues MBA and is juggling between home, her responsibilities and college. Things do not remain the same when Suman receives a marriage proposal from her classmate Ranveer Mittal, and this alliance is approved by her mother-in-law. Moreover, both the sisters of her first husband are also married in the Mittal household. How will Suman handle her new life with two mothers-in-law and the change of relationships? Will she ever be able to reciprocate Ranveer’s love?

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