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  • Family Drama
  • 60
  • 60
  • Hindi
  • English

“A beautiful young lady comes from Alexandria to Cairo looking for an opportunity to achieve her dreams of being famous and rich. She starts working at a big company and excels at her job while at the same time and by coincidence she works as a presenter in Alwan radio station and she was able to turn the program “”Sabahak Alwan”” into a huge successful show. In the beginning of her work, Carmen, develops a little lie in order to win the position; soon enough she finds herself in need of a thousand other lies to cover for the first little one. Her lies cause many sarcastic comedian incidents. Carmen falls in love with Tawfeeq, the son of Nazley and Soliman, and faces many problems due to that, but at the end she still wins Tawfeeq and marries him.”

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