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Bombay Talking

  • Family Drama
  • 54
  • 30
  • Hindi

Enter the world of glamour, scandal, sensation and grit…What actually takes place in the dim lit corridors of the rich and famous? Take a voyeuristic view of what the glitterati succumb to, in order to upkeep their lavish lifestyles. Based on true accounts, that have rocked many a Business Baron and Bollywood Kings of our metropolis, Bombay Talking will be a no-holds-barred look on the lives of the Rich and Infamous…And yet, it is also the exciting journey of a small town girl called Sheena into the big bad world of Bollywood glitterati, a girl who refuses to allow the odds to beat her.
It was the second soap in Indian Television to be made in English.

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Bombay Talking Ep 1