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Freaky Five

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It is all about a man and his wife, who migrate to a new country, where he opens up a grocery store. It is there that his wife bears him with 3 daughters. A few years later his wife meets her untimely demise, as the weather of the new country consumes her. Years of loneliness later, he remarries a woman from a different race, who used to frequent his shop. She then bears him with 2 more daughters. Regardless of his ex-wife’s death, her ghost happens to still communicate with her husband from the picture frame, that is hung on the wall and ironically, only he can hear her. Her conversations with her husband mostly consist of sarcastic and snide remarks of his present wife’s ways and his lack of finesse in raising his 5 daughters. His present wife is a whining and nagging woman who loves all his daughters equally. A middle-class grocery shop owner, he, always finds himself in a pickle, because of the compulsive disorderliness and the weird shenanigans of his five crazy daughters.

One is a feminist waging a war against mankind, the 2nd is a nerdy gadget freak with a hearing aid, the 3rd is a ditsy air-headed bimbette, the 4th is a tomboy who is a part of a street gang and the 5th is a gossip monger, who knows everything about everybody in their neighbourhood.

How a father can deal with his whining present wife, a dead ex-wife and the shenanigans of his five outrageously challenged freaky five daughters, forms the crux of the first 3 Seasons of this hilarious format of a sitcom that will have you rolling in the aisles.